FreshDiagnose 8.67

This is a utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system
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FreshDiagnose 8.21 is a program that will give you complete information of your system´s components. This program will detect, analyze and benchmark every software or hardware element in your system, letting you know its performance and capabilities. Its interface will show you the information classified by categories. In "Software System" the program will display information about Accessibility, Appearance, Device Drivers, File Associations, Fonts, Installed Programs, Memory, etc. In the "Hardware System" category you will see info about the BIOS, Cache Memory, CMOS, Motherboard, Processor and more. The "Devices" category contains details about the Hard Disk(s), Monitor(s), Partitions, Printers, etc. In the "Network and Internet" category, FreshDiagnose will display the specifications from the Network Adapters, TCP/IP Config, Internet Zones, Mail Accounts and more. The "Multimedia" module will list the information about the multimedia devices installed in your computer. You will be also able to see information about the database system and hardware resources. After the free registration, you will also be able to perform benchmarks over the different components of your system.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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